About Lynne Kennedy

With a shared passion for travel my partner and I have journeyed throughout Asia over the years. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines have allowed us amazing adventures. India, however, draws us back time and again. The culture, the colour and landscape together with the unexpected on a daily basis make it addictive.

Every year we go travelling for three months during the winter. With nothing much planned apart from return flights to Mumbai, a 5kg backpack each, a modest budget and a sense of humour we set off on another adventure in January, 2020. Our trip took us across India from Mumbai to Calcutta using trains and buses. Travelling light is key to this style of travel.

We then took a flight to Myanmar and made our way south crossing the land border into Thailand.
Eventually we flew back to Varanasi in India finishing our travels in Goa.
Due to the pandemic our thirteen week trip was cut short and we returned to England three weeks early.

My diary journal isn’t so much about sightseeing but negotiating the journey and interactions with people along the way and is soon to be published as an ebook.

Although we never know what’s around the corner when we’re travelling we could never have predicted how this particular trip was going to end.

I chose the title ‘My Unfinished Travel Symphony’ as a symphony is usually written in four movements. Ours being India, Myanmar, Thailand then back to India. The latter movement being unfinished due to the world coming to a standstill.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or an aspiring one I hope you enjoy the ride as I take you on my unforgettable journey.

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My Unfinished Travel Symphony By Lynne Kennedy


My Unfinished Travel Symphony By Lynne Kennedy

Chapter 2 – Travel To Myanmar: